Getting an MRI scan can be a traumatic experience due to the extreme noise levels. A standard MRI machine is louder than a jackhammer.       With GE's Silent Scan, we eliminate the unbearable noise to allow ultimate comfort for patients.



We will stage a fake construction site, complete with workers, play the noise of what a typical construction site sounds like through hidden speakers (workers yelling over each other, jackhammering, etc). An interactive screen next to the site will read, “Standard MRI scanners are louder than jackhammers” with a button that will allow the public to “turn off the noise”.


GE will take over quiet areas like parks, gardens, and courtyards. Signs with decibel readers will show that even the quietest places are still louder than GE’s silent scan MRI. 


If GE’s Silent Scan is the quiet alternative to standard MRI machines, GE’s Silent Detour is the quiet alternative to our usual, noisy commute to work. Reduce the unnecessary noise in your life by taking a Silent Detour and avoid the stress that comes big and crowded city streets.